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Top 10 ways to save money while shopping online. Get the best deals.

Update: added „the Find“
This is our always up-to-date guide of what browser add-ons we use to save while shopping online.

I personally prefer Chrome at the moment, so I installed all of these Plugins on my Firefox Browser installation. When I want to buy something I switch browsers. You could install all of them on your main browser too. After a while you will only keep your favorite ones.

 Top 10 – use Honey and or Coupons at Checkout 
Honey (Download)
Coupons at Checkout (Download)
CouponsHelper (Download)
They find you coupon codes while you are shopping.

Or you find them yourself:
Dealzon (Link)
Dealnews (Link)
Groolu (Link)
Voucherbox (Link)
The Camelizer (Link)
AnyCodes (Link)

 Top 9 – find lower prices 
The Find (One Search, Every Store, Every Product)
Invisible Hand (Download)
Ciuvo (Download)
Priceblink (Download) (Download)
Window Shopper (Download)
Free Price Alerts (Download)
Pricetrace (Download)

Use price-comparison and product-search sites like (Link) (Link)  (Link)

 Top 8 – just wait 
Register with the online shop and put everything you want to buy into your cart, and then – don’t buy it!
You have a very good chance that you get a special offer on your cart the next day or two.
Its a very common problem for online merchants, that customers do everything as planned, and then suddenly at the end abort everything. They try to get you making the sale with a special Offer.

 Top 7 – Hardware – upgrade yourself 
Especially when you buy hardware, consider upgrading it yourself.
e.g. I bought an Apple Mac mini with the lowest amount of Ram. Then I searched online for an memory upgrade. The Mac mini costs 629€ with 4GB. The Upgrade for 16GB Ram from Apple was +300€
I bought the kit myself for 100€ (Link) and upgraded it myself. You will find all manuals for such projects on iFixit. (Link)

 Top 6 – Hardware – buy used or refurbished hardware 
There are a lot of sellers on eBay who sell used or refurbished hardware. They usually give also warranty.
e.g. The above mentioned Mac mini – was there with warranty for 499€

 Top 5 – Software – use Sales 
Apps for iOS: AppShopper (Link)
If you hear of a good app, you can add it to it, and you will get notified when it drops in price.
Appsgonefree (Link)
Just free apps.

Apps for you Mac: MacUpdate (Link)
Apps for everything else: StackSocial (Link)
Games: Humble Bundle (Link)

Amazon Outlet Store (Link)
Woot (Link)

If you have more or better Links, please tell me via the comment section. Thanks!

 Top 4 – Avoid Shipping fees 
Many stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount
I make a list of what I want to buy which is under this amount, after some time, you will have more items you want from the same shop. Then its free shipping time.

 Top 3 – Return Policy 
Knowing a retailer’s return policy can help you save money if you’re not satisfied with an item. 

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