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Top 10 ways to speed up your web browsing with Google Chrome dramatically

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This is our always up-to-date guide of what kind of tweaks we use with Google Chrome to boost our productivity. Do only the ones you feel comfortable with. Essentially this Post is sorted by most effective to least effective. You can only do the first two and will have a dramatically improvement in web browsing.
Demonstration video of a 26% speed increase of the already optimized This is one of the lowest values I have seen with this: 

 Top 10 – very effective – use Chrome
Google Chrome (Download)
If you had Chrome already installed and it is slow, its probably because of some plugins you installed.
Open the address bar and enter:


disable as much as you can.
Open the address bar  and enter:


disable as much as you can.

 Top 9 – very effective – block what you can 
Ads with Adblock Plus (Download). Websites with Ads will load much faster.
Tracking of you with (Download) It claims you will load pages 27% faster.
Flash Ads and Youtube Ads with Flashblock (Download)

 Top 8 – very effective – upgrade your Ram or use the Great Suspender or OneTab 
Very effective if you have less than 4 GB Ram in your Computer.

If you don’t have much Ram, try the Great Suspender (Download) „Unload, park, suspend tabs to reduce memory footprint of chrome.“
Or use OneTab (Download)

Sidenote: To see your Cache Size open the address bar  and enter:


To See your Memory Usage open the address bar and enter:


Top 7 – effective – clean your PC 
Use Piriforms CCleaner for your PC or MAC and clean your PC (Download)

 Top 6 – effective – delete cache and browsing history 
You can skip this step, if you downloaded and used CCleaner, it does this automatically.
Otherwise delete Cache (Instructions) and Browsing history (Instructions)

 Top 5 – effective – Turn on GPU Composting 

Top 10 ways to speed up your web browsing with Google Chrome dramatically

Open Chrome and enter this in the address bar:


Scroll down to the GPU compositing option and change the Default option to Enabled.

 Top 4 – effective – turn on data compression 
Data Compression Plugin for Chrome (Download)
Uses the Data Compression Proxy from Google, which normally you only can get on your Mobile Chrome Browser.

 Top 3 – effective – use a faster DNS 
Google Public DNS (LinkInstructions Windows/MacOS) IPv4: and or IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844
OpenDNS (Link, Use the instructions from above) IPv4: and or IPv6 2620:0:ccc::2 and 2620:0:ccd::2
You can compare them which is faster with Namebench (Link), but in 99% you can skip this, its a waste of time. They are both very fast. The possible gains from this are too minimal.

 Top  2 – effective – use Lazarus 
If you often type in web forms, and suddenly loose all your typing, Lazarus is for you. It will not improve your browsing speed, but it is a time saver. You don’t have to type all that text again (Download)

 Top  1 – effective – max Cache in Chrome 
If you have an SSD in your Computer you can higher the Cache Size on Chrome:
You can’t change your cache size in chrome directly, but you can launch it with a defined cache size.
We wrote a script called it has these two lines of code in it, to start chrome:

/Applications/Google Chrome --disk-cache-size=2147483647 &
Just write it down with your favorite Text Editor. While 2147483647 is the max integer value. You have to chmod it: 
chmod u+x
and launch it with

You could also put the cache on a Ramdisk but Browse already! 😉
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